Friday, June 21, 2013


So we finally managed to go on a short trip holiday albeit the last minute planning!  The destination - 2 nights in Rawa Island Resort and 1 night at Pulai Spring Resort (both located in Johor, Malaysia).

The original plan though was to be in Rawa for 4 days / 3 nights.  However, upon revealing to my husband that the resort does not have TV and swimming pool, I was asked to amend it to 2 nights.  The reason - the children may get bored (*roll eyes*)!

In any case, we had a splendid time at Rawa!  All days were spent under the sun on the beach and swimming in the sea!  The man-made slides built at the jetty compensated the void of a swimming pool.  The kids loved it and they went up and down the slide countless number of times.  Snorkelling was also the main activity for them. The villa that we got was huge and spacious.  The only complaint we had was the 'No TV, Fridge, mini bar, etc'.  It was a full board accommodation so we had our 3 meals at the one and only restaurant there.  Oh and yes, wi-fi/internet was only available for access at the restaurant too.  So you can just imagine people hogging onto their phones/iPads/laptops whilst having their meals. 

When nighttime falls, our evenings were spent just basically lazing around at the games' room (located next to the restaurant).  The kids played table tennis & table football (is that what you call it??)  There was a big TV set at the lounge area but guess what?  We didn't bother to sit there and watch!! 

As our villas were located right at one end of the island, we would take a slow walk back (the kids got a buggy ride back!).  I must say the 10 minute stroll was quite relaxing as the scene was almost equivalent to that in day time except for the dimness in the dark.  You just get a serene and calm feeling as you hear the sounds of the waves, and strange bird sounds (yes strange...not the usual chirping!) coming through from the forest.

The moment we got back to the room, almost 10 minutes after washing up, it was lights off for the kids!  For us, that's when the test we began to wind down, we realised something huge was missing!  No TV surfing or for that matter, no internet surfing too!!  The realisation was a scary yet funny moment.  We got out to the balcony to stare out into darkness with a sneak peek of the ocean lighted only by the moon and stars. 

And then we did the unthinkable....we TALKED!!   We did that for 2 consecutive nights!  So you wonder what's so funny and incredible about this?'s because we get to really converse with each other without one major distraction - the TV!!!  Hence for the first time in I don't know how many years, I got my husband's undivided attention!  There was definitely less of selective listening.  I knew he was actively listening because he was asking me questions...hehehe...  So there you go...kudos to Back to Basics vacation!

The kids were very reluctant to go when we had to check out on the third day :(.  But all in all, it was yet another unforgettable holiday for us. 

When we got to Pulai Springs, it was basically about catching up on what we've missed with technology and luxury amenities such as the pool.  Sounds lame?  Not to me was a discovery journey....discovering on what it used to be like when life back then was just basic for us.  Definitely a good learning journey for our kids too!  Major lesson - appreciate the simplicity of life!

I know of friends who are actively doing community involvement programmes going to under-developed countries to help with the community there.  I respect this group of people and I wonder if I can one day pursue this course.  I hope I could but for now, I'll just cherish the Back to Basic moments we had...

So what's next for our next vacation?  I don't know yet actually...won't be surprised if it's another last minute planning (though I hope not!) 

Have you had your Back to Basics vacation or moments?  Do you think you can survive without the basic necessities?  If it's a 'yes'...for how long?  Whichever your answer is...just cherish every moment!  Enjoy!!

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