Monday, May 13, 2013


Ok so Monday is here again which is great....but how come we usually don't sound so enthusiastic about it? This post is going to be weird because I just wrote on TGIF last friday, and here I am writing on the blues...!

I wonder why we call it the Monday Blues?  Do you have a clue? 

In general, instead of having the energy all geared up for the week, most people, especially working adults, tend to experience a dip in the energy level just as the week peeks in.  Rightfully, after a well-rested 2-day weekend (for those working the typical 5-day work week cycle), we should be more energised right? 

Hmmm.....not quite for me actually.  That phrase 'well-rested' doesn't seem to be in my weekend vocabulary list lately, at least for the past few years!!   By the time it's Sunday night, I'm like this...


I don't know how I cope with Monday Blues all these years but I think I'm able to manage them well by doing some of these...

1.  Always pray for a brighter day ahead! :)

2.  Clear the space!  This is a must-do before I start off my coaching sessions with my coachee usually.     
     Basically it's clearing your mind of the things that are huddling around at the back of your mind.  All you
     need to do is verbalise what you have at the top of your mind, followed by acknowledging your feelings
     about it, and then say that you are going to clear that space (or thoughts).  Clear at least 3 things!  So
     for instance, one of the things that I cleared today was..."My mom is not well today.  I empathise
     with how she feels and am worried for her well-being.  I will check on her later.  For now, I'm
     going to put that aside". 
     Oh but of course, don't forget to clear the space (around you) literally! 

3.  Focus on the postitive things (hehehe...I know, I know...easier said than done when you know you've
     got loads to do or follow up!!) But go ahead....just keep that focus.   If it helps, write it as a list.  I try not
     to confuse this with my daily 'to-do' list.  If you've been following this blog, you know that I have my
     emo-scrolls :)

4.  Start the morning talking with friends or colleagues about the weekend (good or bad) or about life topics
     in general.  I suggest spending a few minutes perhaps (if you can spare the time) over a cup of coffee. 
     For me, this is just like a daily engine perk-me-up... I need coffee and I need to talk!!  After that, go
     ahead, just drown yourselves in the many emails that you've got to clear or wash that pile of laundry
     waiting for you at the utility corner! 

5.  If you are going to start somethig new (such as a new job, new hobby, etc) - start midweek!  That way
     you get to beat the blues and start fresh without thinking of the blues...

6.  Last but not least do look forward to the weekend, of course! Even though you know it's routine (at
     least for me...) but hey, c'est la vie! :)

 So how do you beat your Monday Blues? 
Share them or add on to the list here...

Have a bright day today!!


  1. I was watching a video last week delivered by CEO of Burberry. She spoke about positive energy. Quite powerful, can google this - The Power of Human Energy: Angela Ahrendts at TEDxHollywood

    As for me i get energy from the following:
    1. When i am happy - a nice suprise from hubby or son, a good workout, retail therapy etc...
    2. When i surround myself with positive people, the energetic happy vibes are a big thing for me.
    3. When i had a satisfying meal, hence the weight gain... ;p

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Wendy...will check it out! I resonate with all your 3 points to :)