Monday, May 20, 2013


June is just around the corner and that means school vacation!  As usual, we are always planning our trips for a getaway BUT always at the very last minute.  The consequence - pay a hefty sum for booking of flights or accommodation!

But that's not stopping us from having a few days off with the kids on a short getaway.  The only problem now is deciding on destination...sigh...

So here are the few options that we were considering...




CAMERON HIGHLAND we are thinking of the first week of June to be out....looks like the timing as of today is really really short and tight to make a decision!!  Sometimes I wonder if it's necessary to go to another country for a vacation?  I know there are staycation options now and so far the appealing factor is not as strong as the other.  In fact a few years ago, we did a staycation at Sentosa, and frankly the cost of the 2 nights stay was equivalent to a 3 or 4 nights stay overseas! Oh well....

For now definitely the option for Kota Kinabalu and Krabi is out.  That leaves the option between Batu Batu and KL/Cameron (or maybe just KL....boohooo)... Hope we can finalise this within the next few days....

What about you?  Have you made plans for your vacation?  Do you plan your vacation way in advance or are you like me always facing vacation dilemma (hope not!)? :P

Whatever it is....Happy Vacation!! :)


  1. If you go Batu2, tell me how it is. :D

    I haven't plan ours.. maybe we just go KL :P But upon planning for KL, again, we feel like, we may as well shop and dine in Singapore.

    So.. still undecided. To go or not to go, that is the question.

    1. Batu2 looks good but thing is quite ex! When are you planning to go for the hols? If about the same timing, maybe can go together??

    2. Have to check everyone's schedules first. The hubby may need to go china/dubai so... will update you if we are going anywhere insyaa Allah.

    3. No probs! You should join him to Dubai then... :)